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Thai_Massage_Therapist_BamHi, my name is Bam, i was born in North East Thailand, which is flat land for farming and growing rice.
I have been trained in massage since i was young. I love the job that i am doing very much and really enjoy working with my clients while i treat them. My clients are really kind and friendly.
I trained in original Thai massage at Wad Pho in Thailand and trained at my cousins spa.
I have 9 years experience and set up this business in October 2011. I am a friendly and easy going person, so i will give you good company and relax.
My beauty salon in St Margarets offers different massage techniques plus thai massage, facial, foot massage, reflexology, waxing, facial, semi-permanent make-up and pedicure/manicure. 
I also have a Thai Massage shop in centre of Windsor.
125 St Margarets, St Margarets, TW1 1RG,
(next to the flower shop and near to St Margarets Station)Ring me to book an appointment:
Tel: 0208 891 0999
Mobile: 07877 513473







Please Ring Bam Beauty to make an appointment and hope to see you enjoying your massage.
Tel: 0208 891 0999
Mobile: 07877 513 473

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07877 513 473


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125 St Margarets Road

St Margarets TW1 1RG

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