Reflexology_St_Margarets“Best Reflexology in St Margarets!”

(many customers tell us!)
Foot Massage and Reflexology:
30 mins……….£30
60 mins……….£60 inc. head massage

Pamper your feet and legs with a deeply relaxing massage using your choice of our special balm, followed by a pressure point massage.

This treatment uses traditional Thai reflex therapy to improve blood circulation and relieve your tired, swollen legs and feet.

Reflexology has powerful healing effects allowing our bodies to regain balance and remove unhealthy blockages:

St_Margarets_Reflexology• Beneficial for a wide variety of complaints:
• back pain
• migraine
• sleep disorder
• speeds up the injury healing process
• cleanses the body
• energy balancing
• reduces physical and emotional tension
• alleviates digestive and respiratory problems.
• Proven to have a dramatic impact on stress-levels, improving blood and nerve supply -lastly and excellent from of relaxation.

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